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Taza City

Located in the south of the Rif Mountains, the city is composed of two formerly distinct towns built on separate terraces overlooking a mountain valley.

The old town or (medina) is at an elevation of about 580 meters above sea level and is walled by fortifications; the newer town, was built by the French in 1920, is located in the  plain at an elevation of 450 meters..

The city is located in a mountain pass known as the Taza Gap, through which consecutive waves of invaders moved westward onto the Atlantic plains of northwestern Africa.

Taza was founded by Imazighen (Native Moroccan) of the Meknassa group (about the time of the late 7th-century Arab-Muslim conquest), who gave alliance to the Moulay Idriss and later linked with the Fāṭimids. The Almoravids took over Taza in 1074 the Almohads replaced them  in 1132.

In 1248 it was took by the Marīnids.

Fez To Taza

Fez To Taza

From Fez to Taza Taza,is a charming city, situated in the north east region of Morocco. The city is recognized as a passage between the Rif Mountains and the middle Atlas ...